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About us

Enogastronomic tourism

We are Sicilians: we love every kilometre of our island. We are passionate about good food, farming, nature, traditions and excellent wine and we privilege local products coming from the hills of Alcamo or the terracings of Mount Etna. We believe that Sicily is unique in its fragrances and colours, due to its world-wide envied strategic position in the Mediterranean Sea. We also produce high-quality products through the brand Nzina: Sicilian typical appetizers, sauces, pasta, oil, olives and bag-in-box wine. With iSicily Italian Corner we want to bring Sicilian Food and Wine excellence to your home and business: together we will develop a marketing strategy to add value to your business thanks to Sicilian products. We are young and really enthusiastic about making Sicily a high-quality brand on national and international markets. Thanks to important partnerships we provide a wide range of services, from tourism to export.