Aubergine stew

06 Sep 2016 RecipesStarter Antonella Stellino

Typical Sicilian dish, caponata is very popular especially in the summer months, when the eggplant is in season. The ingredients are easily available and are all vegetable. The dish can also be served cold, let it go for a few hours.


1 kg of eggplant varieties
500 grams of celery (are used only the stems, leaves for garnish only)
2 onions
150-200 gr. Already pitted green olives
A handful of capers
A tablespoon of pine nuts
Tomato sauce
50-70 grams of brown sugar
Half a glass of white vinegar
Extra virgin olive oil

Cut the eggplant into cubes, put them in salt for about an hour and then rinse with fresh water and after having dried or drained, fry them. Do not cook at all, but just let them brown, until half cooked.

Meanwhile wash the celery depriving it of leaves and cut the stem into small pieces (about one cm). Boil it until it soften. Do then fried with plenty of onions, finely chopped adding the tomato sauce, olives, already boiled celery and capers. Finally add the melnzane and continue to cook the sauce making sure that the cover at least in part.

After cooking it must make bittersweet. Nothing could be simpler. With eggplant ready to be added the vinegar and immediately after the sugar. Everything should be left to cook over medium heat for a few minutes. Better to let it rest a few hours. Once the caponata has cooled, garnish with celery leaves aside and with the basil.

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