Cassata Siciliana

08 Sep 2016 DessertRecipes Antonella Stellino




Ingredients for 10 servings:

1 sponge cake 26 cm in diameter;
400 g of almond paste, of which 2/3 colored with food coloring.


300 g of cottage cheese;
100 g of sugar;
100 g of dark chocolate.


350 g of powdered sugar;
100 g of candied fruit;
3 tablespoons lemon juice;
1 egg white;

1 vanilla stick
a few drops of food coloring.


2 heaping tablespoons of sugar;
grated lemon rind.


Sieve the ricotta cheese (or blend it) and add the icing sugar and the chocolate chunks.

Mix well to obtain a homogeneous mixture. Get ready the syrup by cutting in half 2 tablespoons of sugar and 200 ml of water, along with the grated lemon rind. When cool add 2 tablespoons maraschino.

Prepare the cold glaze coverage for the cassata, stirring with a whisk the egg white electric, icing sugar and lemon juice until blended. Coat a circular mold of the desired extent with the transparent film, and stretch the colored almond paste (which will form the top of the canceled), so as to obtain a disk of a couple of centimeters wider than the bottom of the mold, and place it on the bottom of the same mold.

Flatten the dough with a rolling pin colored almonds thick sheets of about half a centimeter height of the mold and cut into rectangles and 4 cm wide. Do the same with that is not colored. Line the edges of the mold alternating colored almond paste with the white one.

Cut into irregular pieces the sponge and wet it with the syrup. Place it into the mold, then fill with the cream cheese. Cover with plastic wrap and let rest overnight. Turn the mold and misshapen cassata.

Finally cover the cassata with icing sugar and arrange over the candied fruit as decoration.

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