Sardinian a Beccafico

08 Sep 2016 RecipesStarter Antonella Stellino

For 4 people


1 kg of sardines;
10 tablespoons of bread crumbs;
100 g of raisins;
100 g pine nuts;
1 tablespoon sugar;
1 topknot of parsley;
some bay leaves;
juice of 1 lemon;
extra virgin olive oil;
Salt and Pepper To Taste.


Clean the sardines, remove the bones and deprive them of the heads. Rinse them, dry them and open them like a book.

Stuffing preparation: Put the breadcrumbs in a frying pan, brown it (being careful not to burn it). When it is well colored remove the pan from the heat, add a little olive oil and mix well. Transfer the toasted bread in a bowl by combining the raisins, pine nuts, sugar, salt, pepper and finely chopped parsley.

Mix the ingredients well and lay on each Sardinian some of the prepared stuffing. Roll the stuffed sardines, so you get the rolls. Arrange in a baking dish with a little olive oil and a little lemon juice.

Finally sprinkle with breadcrumbs and place in hot oven for about twenty minutes.

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