Trapanese Pasta Sauce 180 g



Extra virgin olive oil;
Chili pepper;
Salt, pepper, sugar;
Lemon juice.

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Pesto made from tomato, almonds and basil. Made with fresh products and no added preservatives. Perfect for dressing pasta dishes.

And ‘delicious and typical of Sicily, it contains the typical flavors of the Mediterranean. It ‘a fresh seasoning, aromatic and tasty. And ‘ready to eat, you can serve on toasted bread, excellent to season roast. Pesto is made with only plant products, great for vegetarians and vegans.

It has an intense flavor, smells of garlic, tomatoes and basil, its texture is semi-dense.

Recommended Preparation: Heat the sauce for 2 minutes, add the pasta with two tablespoons of cooking water with a little olive oil extra virgin olive oil. To quickly mix and the dish is served.