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“Without Sicily, Italy leaves no image in the soul. Sicily is the key of everything” This is what Goethe wrote in 1787 in his Italian Journey, describing what is Italy’s largest region.

Sicily is located in the heart of the Mediterranean and has history of continuously alternating invasions and dominations – from the Greeks who colonized it in the eighth century to the Romans, who made it into the first province in the Empire.

With such a rich past it is clear that Sicily and its people cannot be made to fit into a simple category, because too many cultures have left their traces and their soul upon this land. The result is magic, where nothing is taken for granted, where happiness and sadness, courage and fear, vigor and sweetness are intertwined with unexpected results.

Art is one with nature and the sea, and the power of a glance can accompany you for an entire lifetime. Sicily is this. It is everything. But let us proceed in order. Nature. Nature in Sicily offers all kinds of landscapes and the amazing clime makes the difference in terms of agriculture or for traveler in vacation.. The wine and food are of course a given — too many things and surely on tastier than the next.  We could dedicate our time to the discovery of traditional recipes which covers a period of thousands years. The list could go on forever, and perhaps all there is to do is to come to this beautiful Sicily and see for ourselves a true compendium of the universe.

Start to discover Sicily from our iSicily Italian Corner, tasting our delicacies but do not hesitate to come in Sicily and live the environment!!

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