Londra – Expo Sicily Ltd

Expo Sicily is a worldwide exporting company with its headquarters located in London. We have client’s in New York, London, Moscow, and Shangai. Our company represents the excellence of Sicily, souther island of Italy, connecting Sicilian-made products to international markets. Where there is a demand, we supply.

Our company specializes in four different business sectors including: travel, food and beverage, fashion and design, and real estate.

The travel industry is made more accessible using our sister company Sicily Travelling, a Destination Management Company (DMC). Whether you are a travel agency, tour operator, or a private individual looking to explore the old-world ambiance of Sicily, this is the agency for you.

Food and beverage is another one of our areas of expertise. We work in collaboration with the finest chefs, winemakers, and bakeries here in Sicily. No matter what product you desire, we guarantee authentic Sicilian – style delicacies ranging from wine, olive oil, pasta, sauce, cheese, and more.

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