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Honeysuckle Honey

Honeysuckle Honey 250g

100% Sicilian Honeysuckle Honey

This Sicilian honey is extracted by centrifugal force and doesn’t undergo any heat treatment. Coming from non chemically treated hives, producers ensure that honey is entirely natural. The product is cold-pressed, then manually put into jars and labelled.

Love and passion are the ingredients which characterise this honey.


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Honeysuckle Honey 250g

Honeysuckle Honey is named after the herbaceous plant from which bees extract nectar (Hedysarum coronarium). This plant belongs to the family Leguminosae. Honey is extracted from it in different parts of Italy, but Sicilian products are an eccellence thanks to the production of unifloral honey.

Organoleptic properties

Honeysuckle honey has a light colour, similar to Lavender. When it crystallises – after some months – its colour tends to turn white. It has a mild flavour and a delicate scent, with a pleasant vegetable note. Honeysuckle honey also has diuretic and laxative properties and contributes to bowel regularity.

Some words and expression used to describe it:

delicate scent, beacause its main feature is
the absence of strong smell; in general, it smells like honey, vegetables, straw or dry grass. Taste: not particularly sweet nor sour. It crystallises after some months, forming a solid mass with medium or fine crystals. Colour: very light or pale yellow when liquid,
white or ivory when crystallised.


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